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September 2, 2014
  • NJSBA files brief as amicus in warrantless blood-draw case

    The NJSBA filed a brief as amicus recently in State of New Jersey v. Timothy Adkins which questions whether or not a defendant’s blood test results be suppressed in light of a recent U.S. Supreme Court’s decision. The Association submitted that there should be no “good faith exception” to the exclusionary rule in New Jersey, and that even if the federal case set new law, it should only be retroactive. Read the NJSBA brief here>

  • NJSBA Urges Immediate Action to Fill Judicial Vacancies

    The CamdenMiddlesexPassaicSomerset and New Essex County Bar Associations joined the State Bar Association by sending letters calling on the Governor and Legislative leaders to address the judicial vacancy crisis.


    The New Jersey State Bar Association called on Gov. Chris Christie and Legislative leaders to address the ongoing crisis of judicial vacancies. NJSBA President Paris P. Eliades sent a letter noting that with 52 vacancies on the state's trial bench and another 12 looming, judges are struggling to resolve residents' disputes, and court officials have had to take drastic measures, including imposing limitations on some cases. Read more>

  • State Bar Association's General Council Seeking Candidates for Nominating Committee

    A seat on one of the New Jersey State Bar Association's most influential committees is up for grabs, and potential candidates can run for the post. Petitions to file for candidacy are now available to any member of the association's General Council for an open two-year term on the Nominating Committee. The election to determine who will fill the seat will be held Oct. 17, when the General Council convenes for its annual meeting. Read the Notice to the Bar>

    In addition to holding the election the General Council will offer a 1.5 CLE seminar titled Age and Its Impact on the Law that will address a variety of employment issues related to aging, including the mandatory retirement of judges, law firm policies on retirement of partners and support staff, and how lawyers can best counsel clients with age related issues. It will also consider resolutions from members and bar associations that raise issues that will be referred to the NJSBA Board of Trustees.

  • NJSBA Launches E-publication to Aid Lawyers in Transition

    The New Jersey State Bar Association today released an e-publication aimed at helping lawyers in transition maintain and build successful practices. A Field Guide to Legal Practice: A Resource for Lawyers in Transition is available free to all New Jersey State Bar Association members. While it will likely serve as a resource to all practitioners, the 95-page e-publication contains 22 articles covering aspects of legal practice that attorneys new to the field and those moving to solo practice will find particularly helpful. NJSBA members can access the July 2014 special edition on the New Jersey Lawyer Magazine page with login.

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