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CONTACT:Kate Coscarelli
Director of Media Relations

State Bar Association Resolution Urges Judicial Independence

New Brunswick -- The New Jersey State Bar Association’s governing body adopted a resolution urging the Governor and Trenton lawmakers to evaluate judges facing tenure with an eye toward maintaining the independence of the state Judiciary.

In the resolution, the State Bar encourages the Governor and Senate to adhere to the established practice of evaluating judicial candidates eligible for reappointment based on their integrity, legal ability, temperament, diligence, ability to remain fair and impartial and demonstrated understanding of the law.

“In order to maintain a fair and impartial judicial system for all residents of our state, it is imperative that judges be free to faithfully apply the law and make decisions on a reasoned basis, independent of politics, ideology or the sway of public opinion,” said State Bar Association President Allen A. Etish. “As the oldest and largest lawyers group in the state, the New Jersey State Bar Association is committed to serving as the voice of the profession in promoting the fair administration of justice for lawyers, as well as the public. Our resolution requests the Governor and the Senate, as a whole, keep the integrity of the judicial system foremost in mind when evaluating candidates for the bench.”

The New Jersey State Bar Association was established in 1899. For the past 40 years, it has been a partner in an agreement with every Governor since Gov. Richard J. Hughes, including Gov. Chris Christie, to provide a non-partisan investigation and evaluation of candidates for the bench and prosecutor offices.

Click here to download a copy of the Resolution.