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CONTACT:Kate Coscarelli
Director, Media Relations Communications

NJSBA Answers Member Questions About Sale of NJ Lawyer Newspaper to Incisive Media/NJ Law Journal

Thank you for your questions regarding the sale of the New Jersey Lawyer Newspaper to Incisive Media, publishers of the New Jersey Law Journal.

The NJSBA made this decision with our members’ interests as our first and foremost concern. The declining advertising and circulation revenue problems that are having an effect on the newspaper industry were also shared by the We believe this new partnership with the NJLJ will enhance our coverage of the Association’s core issues to all of the members. We took this step only after great consideration and believe it will provide the added benefit of improving the NJSBA’s own financial picture.

We know this decision leaves you with some practical questions and concerns. We hope the information below helps resolve any issues you might have about how subscriptions are going to be handled and the editorial independence of this new project.

Q: What happens to my existing New Jersey Lawyer subscription?

A: Subscriptions to the New Jersey Lawyer will be picked up by the NJLJ. That means you will begin receiving the NJLJ starting Monday, November 17. Your subscription to the NJLJ will continue according to the terms of your subscription to the New Jersey Lawyer. At the end of that time, you will be contacted regarding renewing the subscription.

Q: What about the difference in subscription cost between the two publications?

A: You will soon get a letter from Association President Peggy Sheahan Knee that provides two coupons: one for $25 off the NJLJ subscription, and a second one for $25 off the purchase price of a Law Journal seminar or book.

Q: What if I already get both publications?

A: If you currently have a subscription to the NJLJ, your subscription will be extended for the amount of time remaining on your New Jersey Lawyer subscription. Refunds will also be provided, if you choose that option.

Q: Who can I contact for further information?

A: The New Jersey Law Journal is providing a staff person specifically for responding to all subscription inquiries. You should contact Marceil Boyd at 973-854-2943. He will be able to check your NJL subscription record, and honor the term.

Q: Does the Association have control over the content for the pages in the NJLJ?

A: Yes. We want to assure you that the Association has full control over the four pages of news and information will appear in the NJLJ and on the website.

These pages are written and produced by the NJSBA. Each week you will get the Capitol Report and much more about the Bar Association’s issues and happenings. In addition, the New Jersey State Bar Association’s voice will be heard on the editorial board of the NJLJ. We will appoint five new members to the New Jersey Law Journal editorial board, increasing the total membership of the NJLJ editorial board to 38 members.

For further consideration, the NJSBA and the NJLJ have issued a joint press release regarding the partnership. Click here to read the press release.

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