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Evoting Gets a Chance


Timothy Annin is chair of the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Election Standing Committee. He is a trial attorney with Wardell, Craig, Annin & Baxter in Haddonfield. He spoke about the recent vote on a bylaw amendment about membership on the Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Committee.

Q: This was the first time the association has tried electronic voting for a bylaw issue. How did it go?

A: Roughly half of the people who voted did so electronically and half voted on regular paper ballots.

Q: Did you vote electronically?

A: I did.

Q: Why did some people choose paper ballots?

A: There are some people who still don’t have the necessary equipment, but I suspect in this day and age their numbers are few. In this election, there was no way of telling if those people cast their vote on a paper ballot because they preferred it or something else. Maybe that would be a good question to put on a future ballot.

Q: Are electronic ballots still confidential?

A: Yes, members use their member ID numbers to access their ballot, and the only information received by the association is the final vote tally, not who voted and how.

Q: What are the benefits of electronic voting?

A: It certainly is the way to go. It’s easy. When people go through emails they can respond quickly and effortlessly. No more read the ballot, put an “x” on it, make a mistake, change the mistake and stick it in an envelope. We are trying to encourage people to use that kind of voting. It represents a tremendous savings for printing costs and mailing costs and the like. Once the word gets out and people become more familiar with electronic voting, we’ll get high participation.

Q: Is there a future for electronic voting in the association?

A: That’s kind of up to the Board of Trustees. From our standpoint we recommend it as the way to go and would like to see the concept expanded.

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