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CONTACT:Barbara S. Straczynski
Director of Communications

NJSBA Board of Trustees Propose Amendment to NJSBA Bylaws


The New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA) Board of Trustees is proposing an amendment to the NJSBA Bylaws, as follows (proposed deletions are struck through like this, and proposed additions are underlined like this):

Article VIII

. . .

5. . . .

(b) The Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Committee shall consist of not more than twenty-five (25) twenty-six (26) persons, all of whom shall be general members and shall include the President and the President-Elect of the Association, during their terms in office. one of which shall be the President of the Association and with at least one member from each county in the state. The President shall annually appoint a chairperson and two vice-chairpersons, one each from Northern and Southern New Jersey. The President shall appoint the remaining members, one from each county of the state, Except for the president of the Association, who shall serve during such term of office, each member of the committee shall to serve for a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms of three (3) years each, although individuals may be reappointed after an interval of at least three years off the Committee. Additionally, persons who have served two consecutive terms may then serve immediately thereafter for one one-year appointments in to the position of chairperson or vice-chairperson. A member appointed to serve an unexpired term shall be considered to have served one term if the time remaining in such unexpired term at time of appointment shall exceed one year, regardless of whether the unexpired term precedes or follows a three-year term.

Explanation for Amendment: This amendment permits the President-Elect to serve as a voting member on the Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Committee. This would permit the incoming president to be engaged in the workings of this important committee prior to assuming the presidency, would help to build needed relationships between the incoming President and the relevant individuals involved in the appointment process, and would help to ensure a seamless transition between presidents. Other revisions are intended to clarify the existing language, and account in the bylaws for the long-standing practice of appointing vice-chairpersons to the Committee to assist the Chairperson as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: The above proposal presents only the language from the current Bylaws as is necessary to understand the proposed revisions (“. . .” indicates where language has been left out). To view the full text of the NJSBA bylaws, please log onto and go to “About NJSBA.”

The proposed amendment is being published for consideration by Association members and will be placed on a ballot for a vote by eligible NJSBA members prior to the 2008 Mid-Year Meeting in November. Those members for whom the NJSBA has an e-mail address and permission to e-mail information will receive a ballot electronically. All other NJSBA members eligible to vote will receive a paper ballot. All completed ballots need to received back by the NJSBA no later than 5:00 p.m. Monday, October 27, 2008 to be counted.