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Two-day Rainmaker Retreat planned for March 6-7

The New Jersey State Bar Association and the Rainmaker Institute have announced plans for a two-day Rainmaker Retreat at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick. The seminar is open to both NJSBA members and non-members, and will feature Stephen Fairley, The Rainmaker Instutitue’s CEO, and Travis Greenlee, a law firm marketing expert business coach and president of the institute.

The Rainmaker Institute, which specializes in helping small law firms generate more referrals and increase their revenues, has educated over 6,000 attorneys across the country through programs like the two-day March retreat and shorter single-day sessions and webinars.

“What an amazingly insightful seminar,” noted Karen Abrams, a Montclair attorney who attended a one-day rainmaker program cosponsored by the NJSBA this past fall. “I have walked away with three specific ideas I intend to implement within the next 30 days.”

Edison attorney Kenneth Vercammen was so impressed with the one-day session in October 2007 that he made plans to add to his training that same day. “I already signed up to attend the two-day Rainmaker Retreat,” he noted following the program. “I look forward to Mr. Fairley teaching us which strategies are best for our criminal law and personal injury firm.”

Ten Sessions in Two Days Covers it All

The retreat training program is broken down into 10 sessions over the course of two days, designed to help build participants’ legal practice and develop a proven law firm marketing system for landing more and better clients and creating a financially successful and personally satisfying legal practice.

Session 1, titled “Achieving Expert Status as an Attorney, focuses on ethically positioning yourself as a specialist; five strategies to get more attention, command more respect and charge higher fees; avoiding the most deadly mistake made by attorneys; leveraging the Internet to build a buzz; and creating a six-month game plan for increasing your expert status in the legal community.

Session 2, titled “Building a Strategic Referral Network,” teaches participants where to find the best strategic referral partners in a specific practice area; a step-by-step approach to creating dozens of strategic referral partners in less than six months; three ways to quickly access a partner’s potential; five power questions to land more referrals; the main reason why attorneys don’t receive more referrals and how to overcome it; creating a steady stream of new prospects; and three ways to use the Internet to find referrals.

Session 3, titled “Creating Credibility in Your Practice Area,” focuses on how to apply the four-stage credibility model; using visibility events to drive people to your firm; and how to tap into the power of credibility to give you the edge.

Session 4, titled “Secrets of Highly Successful Attorneys,” addressed the debate over being a generalist or a specialist; why advertising doesn’t work; creating a powerful audio logo; developing a unique competitive advantage; and seven ways to find more clients and how to pick the best ones for your firm.

Session 5, titled “Generating More Clients Using the Power of the Press,” deals with the top two things a reporter wants from an attorney; how to write a powerful press release; using press releases to gain attention and credibility; how to promote your firm to 150,000 for $82; submitting press releases online; and building a media database.

Session 6, titled “Leveraging Technology: Beating the Big Firms on the Net,” teaches participants how to make their websites marketing machines; website dos and don’t; cutting-edge email strategies that generate more clients; how to dominate your online competition on a shoestring budget; and submitting articles online to increase website ranking.

Day two includes the following sessions:

Session 7, titled “Generating More Clients Using the Power of Speaking,” focuses on a step-by-step approach to developing, marketing and hosting public and private seminars; finding clients in trade associations; the biggest mistake attorneys make when speaking for free; designing a follow-up system; and how to work with organizations and companies to sponsor your seminars.

Session 8, titled “Advanced Technology Tactics for Small Law Firms and Solo Practitioners,” addresses the top 10 deadly mistakes attorneys make on their websites; using blogs; five ways to automate your practice and free up time each week; creating low-cost information products to promote your firm; and building your database using the Internet.

Session 9, titled “Creating Your Marketing System,” focuses on developing a six- and 12-month action plan; creating a realistic marketing budget; passive v. active marketing; creating a profile of your ideal target market; marketing to current and former clients; generating repeat business; diagnosing marketing mistakes; and client surveys.

Session 10, titled “Implementing Your Marketing System,” addresses integrating online and offline marketing programs; automating your marketing system; staff training to manage your marketing campaign; gaining greater control and more freedom in your practice; evaluating success and revising your plan.

Space is Limited

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