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CONTACT:Barbara S. Straczynski
Director of Communications

State Bar Offers Discount Phone Service and More to Members

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The New Jersey State Bar Association continues to enhance its solutions for members, and has just announced a new business solution—Bullseye Telecom discount phone service. Members of the NJSBA are entitled to unlimited phone service, including 800 service, through Bullseye Telecom. This new phone service benefit can eliminate toll-free 800 bills, reduce telecom spending by 30 to 50 percent, provide two months of free service and protect phones with disaster recovery.

NJSBA members can download an interactive pdf from the association’s membership benefits pages through the website The interactive tool will calculate the savings available through Bullseye. In addition, NJSBA members can call 877-411-0049 for more information.

The NJSBA also recently added virtual conferencing to its constantly expanding list of business solutions available to members. NJSBA members can now turn to MeetingBridge Virtual Conferencing for all of their virtual conferencing needs. MeetingBridge provides convenient, high-quality teleconferencing, web conferencing and virtual event management services at rates well below their competitors.

Small firms and solo practitioners, who might not have qualified for discounts elsewhere, will find MeetingBridge's rates particularly attractive. For larger firms, MeetingBridge provides a free cost analysis. To calculate service savings, NJSBA members may fax their last teleconferencing invoice or summary to 888-723-1200. Within 24 hours, they will receive a customized rate plan quantifying their potential savings.

MeetingBridge features an invitation tool, client billing tools, 24/7 teleconferencing, recap email and turnkey webinars. A link to membership pages that provide more details on MeetingBridge is featured on the home page of the NJSBA website, Members must login with their member ID and password to view all the details.

Other recent additions to the NJSBA’s list of membership benefits focusing on business solutions include:

A new online attorney directory service that provides contact information on attorneys who are members of the association's 34 sections and the Young Lawyers Division. Through these online directories, accessible on the association’s website at, other lawyers and the public can find contact information and email and web links for NJSBA section members according to the area of law noted in the section name. Since its recent introduction, nearly 25,000 people have tapped into the directory service.

An automatic discount on long-term care insurance through the NJSBA’s group insurance broker, The NIA Group, LLC. Offered by NIA through John Hancock Insurance Company, the long-term care program is designed to provide members with peace of mind as nursing home costs continue to rise. Over the next few weeks, NJSBA members will receive a mailer outlining the benefits of the plan with the option to send in a response card to obtain more information. Members who would like information now, should call Bill Diana directly at 732-941-3119.

Access to a variety of additional insurance products at special member-discounted prices. Through NIA, the state’s largest privately held insurance broker, NJSBA members have access to numerous insurance companies providing lawyers professional liability, general office insurance, medical and group benefits coverage. As an independent insurance agent, NIA Group shops various markets on the behalf of NJSBA members to obtain the best possible price and coverage.

The opportunity to participate in a wide range of specially designed financial programs, offered through leading providers, including personal and business credit card programs, consumer loans, and retirement plans, which are offered and administered through the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States.

Further information on all of the association’s member solutions is available through the NJSBA website at, or by calling 732-249-5000.

The New Jersey State Bar Association, incorporated in 1899, is dedicated to the continuing education of lawyers and the public, to reforming and improving the legal system and to aiding in the administration of justice.