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Statement of NJSBA President Wayne J. Positan on the Nominations of James J. Zazzali And Helen E. Hoens to the NJ Supreme Court

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On a personal basis, I think Governor Corzine made terrific selections with his nomination Associate Justice James J. Zazzali as Chief Justice and my former partner Helen E. Hoens as Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court.

We all recognize that these selections will be evaluated by the NJSBA Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Committee in accordance with the Compact between the NJSBA and the Governor. However, I doubt there is anyone in the legal community who does not appreciate that what we have here are two terrific people with a long record of distinguished public service on the bench, Justice Zazzali on the Supreme Court, and Helen Hoens both as a trial judge and appellate judge of the New Jersey Superior Court.

On behalf of the NJSBA, I also want to convey our sincere appreciation to Chief Justice Deborah Poritz for her many years of service to the justice system and the people of New Jersey as her term comes to end next month.

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