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CONTACT:Barbara S. Straczynski
Acting Director of Communications

Letter to NJ Newspaper Editors on NJSBA Opposition to Professional Services Tax

Dear Editor:

Currently the State Legislature and Governor Corzine are actively negotiating in closed-door sessions the contents and specifics of the State budget. Recent newspaper accounts specifically mention the possible imposition of a professional services tax as one means of closing the state budget gap. While details are incomplete, it appears that this proposed tax would take the form of an excise tax or gross receipts tax on all attorneys’ professional services as well as the services of many other professionals. Clearly, this would unfairly burden the legal profession and these other professions.

We firmly believe that a tax of this kind will raise the cost of legal services and become an impediment to clients who seek legal representation and access to the courts.

Very truly yours,

Wayne J. Positan, Esq.

President, NJSBA