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NJL Daily Briefing Now Available Free to NJSBA Members

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ— The New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA) has just launched a new free service, guaranteeing members virtually up-to-the-minute news briefs and summaries of judicial decisions, all delivered electronically via email. Through a partnership with the New Jersey Lawyer Newspaper (NJL), the NJSBA is now offering the NJL Daily Briefing to members who sign up for the free service, as a value-added member benefit.

“The NJSBA is pleased to be able to offer the Daily Briefing to our members,” says NJSBA President Stuart A. Hoberman. “The briefing will significantly assist our members with their practice by keeping them informed on news of interest to the legal profession, and more importantly, providing next-day notification on decided cases that may affect their practice, or a case being handled by another attorney at their firm. The NJSBA Board of Trustees is committed to helping our members with their professional practice, and the delivery of information critical to their work. In a fast and easy electronic format, the Daily Briefing is a perfect fit with those goals.”

Concise Reviews

The Daily Briefing provides news briefs and summaries of judicial decisions, both approved and not approved for publication, from the previous day. It is sent electronically, Monday through Friday, to subscribers. The briefing provides a summary of all opinions released by the New Jersey Supreme Court the previous day, and all opinions for publication from the Appellate Division, which are released almost daily. Federal and administrative agency reports are included as they are released from the courts and the agencies. With the Daily Briefing, a quick review of the summarized cases will enable attorneys to learn about decisions of the previous day. If attorneys want to promptly get the full text of the decision, they can do so from the NJL Facts-on-Call decision service.

“The NJL Daily Briefing captures in a concise way what you need to know about being a lawyer that day,” says NJSBA Past President Tom Curtin. “It contains the fabric of the legal profession—public and political news, significant events, and an up-to-date, simply-summarized list of cases decided by New Jersey courts, administrative agencies and federal courts.”

Without the Daily Briefing, attorneys must rely on weekly legal newspapers and advance sheets for information on decided cases. The Daily Briefing is a quick and invaluable tool to help lawyers educate themselves, and is “your link to knowing what is going on everyday in the practice of law,” says Curtin. It not only provides a summary of decisions from the previous day, it also allows an attorney to track the decisions of a particular judge. An attorney who has an appeal coming before that judge may wish to follow how the judge analyzes and decides other cases. This can be done easily with the information provided by the Daily Briefing.

Reading the Daily Briefing will be “the most valuable two minutes of your day,” says Curtin. “It is not a substitute for research or analysis, or all the things required of a good lawyer, but it is a tool that a good, smart lawyer will utilize to his or her advantage.”

Recent Reports

Recent Daily Briefings provided news briefs on the Supreme Court’s decision to decline hearing the rural rezoning case between the New Jersey Farm Bureau and East Amwell Township; bill A-1188, authorizing the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to respond to suggestions from family members asking that someone be retested for driving; and the revamping of state guardianship laws to provide better protection for mentally incapacitated people.

Decision summaries recently reported in the Daily Briefing include: Mason v. Levine, finding that local counsel’s responsibility for the acts or omissions of out-of-state counsel admitted pro hac vice depends on local counsel’s participation in the acts or omissions; El-Sioufi v. St. Peter’s University Hospital, finding the defendant employer and the defendant supervisor were entitled to summary judgment on the plaintiff nurses’ claims alleging religious discrimination, retaliatory discharge, and hostile work environment; and Harris v. Township of Haddon, finding that a municipality that has established a district management corporation under New Jersey’s nonprofit organization statute to manage special improvement districts may not enact an ordinance to require the corporation to alter its method of choosing its board of directors.

Getting Onboard

NJSBA members will not automatically receive the Daily Briefing, they will need to opt-in for the free electronic subscription through the NJSBA website, which has been revised to accommodate this process. As with all NJSBA email subscriptions, members will be able to opt-in or out at any time, using the link at the bottom of the email message, or by contacting the NJSBA Monday-Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

To sign up for the Daily Briefing, go to and log in using your NJSBA ID number and password. For a limited time, members will be able to subscribe to the Daily Briefing directly from the home page. Select “Click Here to Subscribe to the Daily Briefing” and follow the simple instructions. An email confirming your sign-up request will be forwarded to you shortly. Please be sure to follow the simple instructions contained in this email to activate your free subscription.

The Daily Briefing subscription site can also be accessed from the “Membership Information” button on the left of the home page. Click on “Benefits” in the “Related Topics” box on the right. From there, click on “Daily Briefing” and follow the simple instructions. NJSBA members will always be able to subscribe to the Daily Briefing via the “Benefits” module of the website.

Also in the “Membership Information” module is an option under “Related Topics” where members can update their contact information and email subscriptions at anytime. Select “Change of Address” or “Email Subscriptions” to verify or change this information.

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