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Communications and Marketing Manager

Section, Division and Committee Leadership for 2005-2006

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The New Jersey State Bar Association offers many benefits and services to its members, but section and division membership stands out as one of the best opportunities provided for NJSBA members’ professional enrichment. The New Jersey State Bar Association offers section membership in 34 different substantive areas and in the Young Lawyers Division.

By joining a section, a lawyer can meet with experts in their field and network with others on legislation and current issues. Many sections also publish newsletters to keep members abreast of the latest topics in their practice area. Sections cosponsor cutting-edge programming with the Institute for Continuing Legal Education and section members participate as speakers at these events. In addition, sections sponsor seminars at the NJSBA Annual Meeting. By belonging to a group of like-minded professionals, an attorney can tap into a wealth of experience through meetings, networking and newsletters, and gain exposure and enhance their reputation and business by speaking at educational seminars and events.

The NJSBA sections afford prime networking opportunities at social events for their members. In 2005 the Land Use Law, Insurance Law and Construction Law Sections closed the year with successful annual dinners. The Environmental Law Section held its first annual dinner this year and honored retired Justice Stewart G. Pollock with an award for public service and lifetime contributions to the advancement of the practice of environmental law. The Family Law Section presented Mark Biel with the group’s prestigious Tischler Award at their annual dinner in Red Bank.

These are the kinds of memberships that make a difference in your career because networking, sharing and exchanging ideas, and brainstorming and maintaining an ongoing dialogue about important issues can change your professional life for the better.

Young Lawyers Division members, attorneys who have been practicing for less than 10 years or are below age 36, can participate in NJSBA cosponsored programming to meet and network with experienced attorneys. In addition, discounts are available to section members who attend ICLE programs cosponsored by their group, and YLD members get discounts at these ICLE seminars. The YLD also sponsors many social and community service projects during the year for division members.

The Young Lawyers Division will hold its annual “Summer Associates Program” at the Law Center on Monday, July 18 from 9:30 a.m to noon. The topic is “Introduction to the Practice of Law in the State of New Jersey.”

Plan to attend the YLD’s Kick-Off Barbecue on Sept. 20, the YLD’s inaugural social event of the year where members can meet the YLD officers and hear about educational seminars and community service projects for 2005-2006.

The NJSBA sections and Young Lawyers Division all have online communities accessible to members only. Section members receive monthly email alerts on meetings and topics of interest, communicate through email exchanges and online forums, and have relevant information such as meetings, case summaries, links and more posted to their Noteworthy News page. Meeting minutes and newsletters are also available on the sites.

The NJSBA's special committees are dedicated to identifying, analyzing and resolving emerging legal issues and are the force behind many developments in the law. Each committee offers members the opportunity to meet and work with colleagues who are expert in the area of concentration and, when appropriate, with policy makers and regulators. Committee participation enables members to receive timely information on changes impacting their practice.

The NJSBA president appoints all special committees with members serving one-year terms. To request an appointment to a special committee, please send a letter of interest to the president at the New Jersey Law Center.

For a complete list of sections, committees and the Young Lawyers Division, visit and select NJSBA Committees, Sections and Divisions. You can enroll in a section through the Membership portion of the association’s website. Or call the Membership Department at 732-249-5000.

The NJSBA is announcing its section, division and committee leadership for 2005-2006:

Young Lawyers Division

Angela White Dalton

Section Chairs

Administrative Law - Joseph R. Morano

Banking Law - Dennis R. Casale

Bankruptcy Law - Barry W. Frost

Business Law - Mark K. Lipton

Casino Law - Bessie A. Sacco

Certified Attorneys - Susan M. Scarola

Civil Trial Bar - John T. Kelley

Construction Law - Anthony J. Giuriceo and Leslie J. Lang

Criminal Law - John C. Eastlack Jr.

Dispute Resolution - Barbara Weisman

Elder and Disability Law - Donald M. McHugh

Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law - Jordan S. Solomon

Environmental Law - Raymond S. Papperman

Family Law - Bonnie C. Frost

Federal Practice and Procedure - Dennis F. Gleason

Fidelity and Surety Law - James D. Ferrucci

General Practice - Anish A. Joshi

Health and Hospital Law - Joseph Milestone

Immigration, Naturalization and Americanism - Kathleen M. Peregoy

Individual Rights - Grayson Barber

Insurance Law - Rodman E. Honecker

Intellectual Property Law - Marc S. Friedman

International Law - pending election

Labor and Employment Law - Arnold "Shep" Cohen

Land Use Law - Glenn C. Geiger

Local Government Law - Robert F. Renaud

Minorities in the Profession - Preston I. Fulford

Municipal Court Practice - Allan Marain

Product Liability and Toxic Tort - Anne M. Patterson

Real Property Probate and Trust Law - Warren R. Racusin

Taxation Law - Alan F. Kornstein

Women in the Profession - Claude E. Salomon

Workers' Compensation - Julius J. Feinson

Standing Committees

Amicus - Catherine M. Brown

Bylaws and Resolutions - Randolph C. Lafferty and Eric C. Landman

Diversity - Desha L. Jackson, Lora L. Fong and Pedro J. Jimenez Jr.

Election - Timothy E. Annin

Finance and Operations - Allen A. Etish

Insurance Benefits - Meredith Kaplan Stoma

Judicial Administration - Hon. C. Judson Hamlin and Steven M. Richman

Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments - Lewis Stein

Law Office Management - Ronald M. Henry and Edna Y. Baugh

Legislative Committee - Randolph C. Lafferty

Long Term Planning Committee - Peggy Sheahan Knee

Nominating - Ellen O'Connell

Meeting Arrangements and Program - Marie Rose Bloomer

Membership and Public Relations - Ivette Ramos Alvarez and Jonathan W. Wolfe

New Jersey Lawyer The Magazine, Editorial Board - Mitchell H. Cobert

Pro Bono - Jennifer C. Hauge

Professional Responsibility - Irvin M. Freilich

Unlawful Practice - Joseph A. Spinella

Special Committees

Investment Advisory – Mary Lou Parker

Animal Law - Sherry Ramsey

Antitrust Law - Jeffrey W. Lorell and Kenneth H. Mack

Appellate Practice - Bruce D. Greenberg

Automobile Reparations - Gerald H. Baker

Business and Commercial Litigation - Paul D. Drobbin

Children's Rights - Candice G. Hendricks

Class Actions - Jeffrey J. Greenbaum, Philip R. Sellinger and Allyn Z. Lite

Consumer Protection Law - Cindy K. Miller

Drug and Alcohol Abuse - Golden E. Johnson

Election Law - Dorothy A. Harbeck

Equity Jurisprudence - Christine D. Petruzzell

Ethics Diversionary Program - David H. Dugan III

Franchise Law - Lois H. Goodman

Gay Lesbian Bi-Sexual and Transgender Rights - Felice T. Londa and Thomas H. Prol

Government and Public Sector Lawyers - William R. Holzapfel

Higher Education - Arnold H. Chait

Internet and Computer Law - Daniel K. Winters

Legal Education - Ronald K. Chen

Malpractice Insurance - Christopher