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CONTACT:Barbara S. Straczynski
Communications and Marketing Manager

NJSBA Members To Vote On Bylaws Revisions

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The NJSBA Board of Trustees approved revisions to the association’s bylaws specifically related to the Nominating Committee and General Council by a two-thirds majority at its Feb. 21 meeting.

“Our board of trustees support this proposal and are in favor of its release to NJSBA members for a vote,” said NJSBA President Richard J. Badolato, Esq.

Among the recommended revisions are the following:

Expand the Nominating Committee from seven to nine members to better represent the diverse interests of the bar.

Expand the power of the county and specialty bar associations and ensure that county and specialty bars have a distinctive voice in the process by requiring that at least one Nominating Committee member has served as a county or specialty bar association president.

Expand the power of NJSBA sections and divisions by requiring that at least one Nominating Committee member has served as chair of a section or division.

More specifically delineate the qualifications of applicants who can serve on the Nominating Committee by requiring that section and division chairs and county bar presidents be among those appointed to the Nominating Committee.

Require that the NJSBA president take diversity into consideration when making all committee appointments.

Make General Council more relevant and receptive to county and specialty bars by ensuring participation only by current bar leaders regardless of whether or not they are NJSBA members.

Ensure that county trustees are actually representing their county by requiring that they live or work in the county that they represent.

Provide the opportunity for more people to serve as NJSBA delegate to the American Bar Association (ABA) by establishing a 10-year lifetime limit on a member serving in that capacity.

Ensure that the state bar leadership is actively engaged on issues of national concern to the bar by providing that the president and president-elect serve respective two-year terms ex officio as NJSBA delegates to the ABA.

The recommendations of the ad hoc Bylaws Committee to Review the NJSBA Bylaws will be mailed to the entire membership 30 days before the Annual Meeting with instructions that they be returned to the Law Center within 10 days before the Annual Meeting. The Election Committee is charged with overseeing the preparation of ballots, their mailing to the membership, overseeing the counting of the ballots and announcing the results at the Annual Meeting.

The New Jersey State Bar Association, incorporated in 1899, is dedicated to the continuing education of lawyers and the public, to reforming and improving the legal system and to aiding in the administration of justice.