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CONTACT:Barbara S. Straczynski
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Judicial Compact Reaffirmed by Governor James E. McGreevey

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Law Day 2002 was an historic one for the NJSBA. It marked the official signing and reaffirmation of the Judicial Compact between the Governor's Office and the State Bar Association. The ceremony was held outdoors at the New Jersey Law Center.

The Compact calls for the Association to provide the Governor with an evaluation of the qualifications of prospective judges and county prosecutors. Subsequent to the signing of the Compact, Governor McGreevey stated that he would withdraw from nomination any candidate found unqualified by the State Bar Committee.

Governor James E. McGreevey and NJSBA President Daniel M. Waldman signed the compact literally in the shadow of the statue of Richard J. Hughes, former governor of New Jersey, and the first to enter into the compact at the request of the bar association. The reaffirmation on May 1, 2002, Law Day, could not have come at a better time.

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