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CONTACT:Barbara S. Straczynski
Communications and Marketing Manager

NJSBA Position on Judicial Financial Disclosure

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The New Jersey State Bar Association Board of Trustees considered S-1009 (Bassano/Cardinale) of the 209th Legislature at its Oct. 13, 2000 meeting. The bill would have required members of the judiciary to file annual financial disclosure statements.

S1009 expired at the end of the last session of the Legislature and was not reintroduced. Even though the NJSBA supported amended legislation, it was not a high priority and the NJSBA has not asked for the bill to be reconsidered or reintroduced.

The Board voted to support amended legislation as follows: that Section 1.d.(1) be deleted since judges are proscribed from collecting these types of revenues by statute and the Judicial Code of Conduct. Section 1.d. (1) reads: “Each of the following categories of earned income totalling more than $1,000.00: salaries, bonuses, royalties, fees, commissions and profit sharing received as an officer, employee, partner or consultant of a named corporation, professional association, partnership or sole proprietorship.”

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