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For Immediate Release 07/21/11

Kate Coscarelli

Director of Media Relations


NJSBA Resolutions Support Judges, Public-Sector Attorneys, Call for Repeal of Recent Pension and Benefits Legislation

The New Jersey State Bar Association’s Board of Trustees at its July 15 meeting voiced support for the state’s sitting judges, as well as full-time public-sector attorneys, and called for the repeal of the recently adopted pension and benefits legislation as it applies to those judges and attorneys.

Saying the legislation threatens the independence of the Judiciary and will impair the ability of courts and the government to fulfill their duties to the public, the State Bar Association’s Board approved a pair of resolutions urging the Governor and New Jersey Legislature to revoke those portions of the pension and health care benefits reform act that apply to sitting judges and full-time government attorneys, including prosecutors, public defenders, deputy attorneys general and other public service lawyers.

“The New Jersey State Bar Association believes in an independent justice system that is dedicated to integrity and the fair administration of justice. This legislation will undermine that principle goal, and potentially lead to the migration away from the bench of judicial talent, resulting in a severe adverse impact on the public’s ability to seek redress for their grievances and will diminish the quality of justice in New Jersey,” said State Bar Association President Susan A. Feeney. "Further, it will have a negative impact on the government's ability to fulfill its duties to the public because the reductions in salary that full-time public-sector attorneys face, many of whom have had no salary increases for years, will also make it difficult for them to continue working for the state and municipal governments."

The resolutions are in response to P.S. 2011, Chapter 78, an Act Concerning Public Employee Pension and Health Care Benefits requiring public employees to pay more for their pension and health insurance. Gov. Chris Christie signed the bill on June 28.

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