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Kate Coscarelli

Director, Medial Relations


Dozens Vie for Leadership Positions in NJSBA

Dozens of candidates threw their names into the hat for leadership positions in the New Jersey State Bar Association.

All of the candidates will be reviewed by the State Bar’s Nominating Committee, which issues a report to the association’s 17,000 members on a slate of candidates. If someone decides to contest a candidate, a vote of the members determines the winner.

Successful candidates will take their posts in May.

Officers: One-year positions of president-elect, first vice president, second vice president and treasurer

If there are no challenges, the executive officers will move up the line of succession.

Executive Committee
Ralph J. Lamparello – President-elect
Paris P. Eliades - First Vice President
Miles S. Winder III – Second Vice President
Angela White Dalton – Treasurer
Ivette Ramos Alvarez
Bonnie Blume Goldsamt
Amirali Y. Haidri
Thomas H. Prol
Board of Trustees:

County Trustees: Two-year terms
Anthony M. Carlino – Bergen
Edward W. Hoffman – Burlington
Michael L. Testa Jr. – Cumberland   
Domenick Carmagnola – Essex*
Ronald J. Uzdavinis – Gloucester
Bennett A. Robbins – Hudson*
Jeffrey S. Posta – Mercer*
William A. Krais – Morris*
Dominic V. Caruso – Passaic*
Shanna McCann – Salem
Michael S. Selvaggi – Warren
At-Large Trustees: Three seats, each for a two-year term, for the following under-represented groups, as designated by the board, Asian-American, Hispanic and over 70-years-old
Sandra T. Ayres* (Age over 70)
Eric G. Fikry (Asian-American)
Evelyn Padin* (Hispanic)
Supti Bhattacharya (Asian-American)
Section/Committee Trustees: Three seats, each a two-year term
Robert J. Brass *
Joan M. Burke
Robert B. Hille*
John E. Keefe Jr.*
Christopher Leitner
Young Lawyers Division Trustee: One seat for a two-year term
Brandon D. Minde
Nominating Committee: Two seats, one for a two-year term and one for a one-year term
John G. DeSimone
Mary Ellen Tully
ABA House of Delegates: Two seats, each for a two-year term
Karol Corbin Walker*
Steven M. Richman*
* Indicates incumbent