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Barbara Straczynski

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Members approve bylaw changes in election

New Jersey State Bar Association members approved a raft of bylaw changes meant to clarify procedures, expand opportunities for diverse voices, and address other issues.

“I am pleased to announce the successful adoption of these changes to the association’s bylaws. These changes mark yet another step in the state bar association’s efforts to be a transparent, efficient and encompassing group that always remains focused on serving our members and the legal community,” said Susan A. Feeney, association president. 

The election asked voters to consider proposals to clarify who can qualify as a New Jersey State Bar Association county trustee, establish how vacancies will be filled on the Nominating Committee, create a new committee focused on lawyer education, and expand the specialty bar associations that can be involved in the association’s General Council.

The results were announced today at the opening session of the Mid-Year Meeting held in Dublin. The ballots were counted at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick last week.

The new bylaw changes include:

  • Creating a 15-member advisory committee to discuss and review issues related to continuing legal education.
  • Adding the New Jersey Muslim Lawyers Association to the list of specialty bar associations enumerated in the bylaws, which also entitles it to have members serve as delegates to the state bar association’s General Council. The General Council is comprised of over 500 members of the state bar, with representation of each county and specialty bar group in New Jersey. It serves as a forum to bring issues of concern to the state bar’s leadership regarding the practice of law and the role of attorneys in society.
  • Designating that a county trustee must either live in the county, work in the county, or primarily practice and belong to the county bar association in the county they represent.
  • Clarifying that a vacancy in a Nominating Committee position elected by the general membership should be filled in the same manner as a vacancy in any other election position.
  • Referencing that the Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Committee manual, governs the procedures followed by the committee in carrying out its charge.
  • Permitting state bar association section elections to be held before the Annual Meeting, but still requiring the results to be announced at the event.
  • Clarifying that the association’s president has the ability to fill any non-elected vacancy on any committee, regardless of the reason for the vacancy.