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Supreme Court relaxes bona fide office rule

NJSBA hails bona fide office rule change;

new rule grants increased flexibility

Statement of New Jersey State Bar Association President Kevin P. McCann on the Court’s decision to relax the bona fide office rule, in acknowledgement of technological advances:
“The New Jersey State Bar Association is pleased that the Supreme Court has relaxed the onerous bona fide office rule, one of the few rules of its type in the country. The new rule ensures that lawyers will be obligated to continue to be responsive to clients, courts and adversaries. However, it removes barriers to maintaining a law practice; this will enable solo and part-time practitioners to flourish and result in a wider range of legal services being available to consumers,” said President Kevin P. McCann.


To read the new rule, visit:

The New Jersey State Bar Association has been a leader in the legal community for the past several years urging the New Jersey courts to amend the rules lawyers must follow for establishing a law office. The association has held that lawyers must always be accountable to the courts and their clients, but should be allowed greater flexibility and have virtual offices, given the capabilities and proliferation of smartphones, computers and other technology.