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Vote on Bylaw Amendments – NJSBA members get ballots today

The New Jersey State Bar Association is sending electronic ballots to its membership today for voting on bylaw amendments that seek to make the association’s election process smoother, more efficient and more transparent.

Voting instructions and ballots will be sent to the 15,500 general members of the association for which the NJSBA has an active email address. Those NJSBA members without an active email address will receive a letter with instructions about how to vote online, or request a paper ballot.

Online ballots must be completed by 5 p.m., May 7. Paper ballots must be received the same day.

The amendments must be approved by at least two-thirds of those voting in order to be adopted. The results will be announced at the Annual Meeting and Convention in Atlantic City, which begins May 16.

The amendments would:

1.            Require the Election Committee chair to receive the Nominating Committee report.

2.            Clarify that the Election Committee shall oversee any election, pursuant to an Election Policy Manual adopted by the Board of Trustees, and that Election Committee decisions are subject to an appeals process established by the Board of Trustees.

3.            Clarify that nominating petitions must contain original signatures, should be filed with the Election Committee, and should contain the names of all nominees selected by the Nominating Committee for the same position. 

4.            Require that (a) in a contested election, when there are more than two nominees for several positions, those nominees with the highest number of votes, whether a majority or not, are elected; and (b) in a contested election, where there are more than two nominees for one position, a majority vote is required to be elected. The proposed amendments further clarify that where a majority vote is required, if no candidate receives a majority vote, or in any instance where there is a tie, a second round of balloting is required.  If there is a tie vote at the conclusion of a second round of balloting, the Board of Trustees is required to elect one of the nominees to the vacant position.

5.            Require the Election Committee to report the results to the President within ten days of the deadline for submission of ballots, and authorize the President to publicize the results.

Read the proposed bylaw changes.