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Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Advisory Committee

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The CLE Advisory Committee shall facilitate the production and delivery of quality CLE programs and publications for the benefit of New Jersey attorneys generally and NJSBA members in particular.  The Committee shall make recommendations to the NJSBA Board of Trustees in connection with NJSBA's CLE activities, including delivery of services, programming, pricing and budgetary issues.  The Committee shall also monitor and oversee the NJSBA's compliance with appropriate CLE rules to ensure the NJSBA maintains its CLE accreditation. 


James J. Ferrelli (2018)

Duane Morris, LLP

1940 Route 70 E., Suite 200

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003



Tara Auciello (2018)

Richard J. Badolato (2016)

Carlos M. Bollar

Robert J. Brass (2018)

Domenick Carmagnola (2017)

Luis J. Diaz

Susan A. Feeney

Bonnie Blume Goldsamt (2018)

John R. Nachlinger (2017)

Lynn F. Newsome (2016)

Mary Frances Palisano

Eric S. Pennington

Gary Potters (2016)

Jonas K. Seigel

Anna Maria Tejada

Jennifer Webb-McRae

Shirley B. Whitenack (2018)

Michael D. Witt (2017)