New Jersey State Bar Association - The voluntary Bar Association of New Jersey, serving members since 1899.

Legislative Committee

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Assists the Board of Trustees in the formulation of legislative policy by reviewing section and committee recommendations on legislation. The committee analyzes the legal and political implications of legislation on NJSBA membership and on the public generally.

Fruqan Mouzon (2015)
Gibbons PC
1 Gateway Center
Newark, NJ 07102

Vice Chair
Nancy Erika Smith (2016)
Smith Mullin PC
240 Claremont Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

Gerald H. Baker
Judith Q. Bielan
Catherine M. Brown
Anthony M. Carlino
Georgette Castner
Steven R. Cohen
Linda W. Eynon
Lora L. Fong
Paul J. Gallagher
Meryl A.G. Gonchar (2014)
Ronald B. Grayzel
Nancy Halpern (2016)
Edward Hoffman

Francis A. Koch
Ira B. Marcus
Russ Molloy (2015)

Joshua Reinitz
Evelyn R. Storch (2014)
Steven W. Suflas
Michael L. Testa Jr.
Maria P. Vallejo
Miles S. Winder III (2015)
Audrey D. Wisotsky

John Wolak
Alan L. Zegas (2016)


Trustee Liaison
Fruqan Mouzon