New Jersey State Bar Association - The voluntary Bar Association of New Jersey, serving members since 1899.

Nominating Committee

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Reviews and nominates candidates for positions on the Association's Board of Trustees, Nominating Committee and delegates to the American Bar Association.

Susan A. Feeney (2014)
McCarter & English LLP
4 Gateway Center
100 Mulberry Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Richard A. DeMichele Jr. (2015)

John G. DeSimone (2014)

Lora L. Fong (2015)
Robert A. Kaye (2014)
Paul L. Kleinbaum (2014)
Kevin P. McCann (2014)
Edwin J. McCreedy (2014)
Michele D. Perry-Thompson (2015)
Jeffrey S. Posta (2014)
Bennett A. Robbins (2014)
Laurie J. Sands (2014)
Kenneth Sharperson (2014)
Anthony M. Tamburello (2014)

James J. Uliano (2014)