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Task Force on Judicial Independence

To address the ongoing threats to the independence of the judicial branch, the New Jersey State Bar Association created a Task Force on Judicial Independence. 

Its members are a blue-ribbon panel of retired jurists, lawyers, academics and educators. The task force is independent and does not have a specific term of length. 

Notice of Public Hearing - New Jersey State Bar Association Task Force on Judicial Independence

The New Jersey State Bar Association has created a Task Force to examine the issue of judicial independence.  The members of the Task Force are retired judges, law professors, practicing attorneys and members of the lay public, all of whom have distinguished themselves in their fields.  The goal of the Task Force is to produce a report that will contain recommendations with respect to preserving the independence of the judges of this State.  The Task Force is wholly independent of the Bar Association, which will not control or influence its proceedings or conclusions. Read the full Public Hearing Notice

Definition of Judicial Independence

The phrase “judicial independence” is sometimes used as a rhetorical device to suggest that judges, their decisions, or the judiciary as an institution, are not subject to criticism or to democratic accountability; others use the phrase to suggest that the concept represents nothing more than judges trying to advance their own economic self-interest.  The Task Force emphatically rejects such a definition or understanding of the judicial independence it seeks to protect.

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Insights from Task Force Co-chairs Judges Wefing and Gallipoli:

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