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New Jersey Lawyer Magazine is the Association's award-winning publication, delivered bimonthly to members.  Each issue focuses on a particular area of substantive law, showcasing informative articles by experts in the field.  While most of the authors and special editors are members of the Association, outside authors are occasionally tapped for contributions as well.  To advertise, contact Lynn Marie Ziobro at or Paula Portner at To submit an article for possible publication, contact Cheryl Baisden at

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New Jersey Lawyer Magazine No. 292/February 2015

Lawyers in Transition


Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Tackling Life’s Transitions – NJSBA Efforts Impact Attorneys and Those We Serve by Paris P. Eliades; Message from the Special Editors by Mitchell H. Cobert and Kimberly A. Yonta; Navigating the Long and Winding Road to Success: One Lawyer’s Journey from Feast to Famine and Back Again by Laurie A. Poulos; Alternative Work Arrangements: Setting an Example by Michelle Schaap; Law Firm Breakup: What You Need to Know When Dissolving the Entity by Michael F. Schaff and Peter A. Greenbaum; Taking the Leap from Public Service to Private Sector by Paul Josephson and Andrew Weiming Lee; Mentoring: A Lifelong Relationship of Give and Take by Mitchell H. Cobert; Reduced Hours Come of Age by Theresa Donahue Egler; Moving Your Practice from One State to Another by Timothy R. Anderson; So You Want to Have Your Name on the Door? Better Have a Game Plan by Craig M. Aronow; How to Change Practice Areas and Land the Job You Always Wanted by Jason B. Levoy; To Practice Law or Not – That is the Question by Reka Bala; The Business of Law: Starting Your Own Practice by Jonas K. Seigel; My New Career: Educating My Clients to Avoid Litigation by Elizabeth Watson Gramgna; Helpful Resources for Lawyers in Transition by Kimberly A. Yonta; Professional Balance: Not Just a Woman’s Issue by Asma Warsi; Preparing for Transition Through Volunteerism by Sandra Kroll; Ethical Considerations When Starting a Practice by David B. Rubin; Are You Retiring or Winding Down: Ethical Considerations by David H. Dugan III