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New Jersey Lawyer Magazine is the Association's award-winning publication, delivered bimonthly to members.  Each issue focuses on a particular area of substantive law, showcasing informative articles by experts in the field.  While most of the authors and special editors are members of the Association, outside authors are occasionally tapped for contributions as well.  To advertise, contact Lynn Marie Ziobro at or Paula Portner at To submit an article for possible publication, contact Cheryl Baisden at

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New Jersey Lawyer Magazine No. 295/August 2015
Federal Practice

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: A Look at the Year Ahead by Miles S. Winder III; Message from the Special Editors by Angela Foster and Edward T. Kole; A Practitioner’s Guide to the Local Patent Rules by Eric I. Abraham and Christina L. Saveriano; A Few Changes to a Confidentiality Protective Order Will Help Avoid the Cost of Advocating for the Sealing of an Adversary’s Documents by Jennifer Borek and Justin A. Jacobs; Is It Time to Learn More About Predictive Coding? by Kenneth J. Cesta and J. Emma Mintz; Class Actions in Federal Court: Navigating Federal Subject Matter Jurisdiction and the Road to Class Certification by Kerri E. Chewning; Tips for Federal Practitioners: An Interview with the Honorable Karen Williams, U.S.M.J. by James J. Ferrelli; Admissibility of Social Media Evidence in Federal Court-Is it What I Purports to be? by Angela Foster; Seeking Injunctive Relief: How Irreparable Harm Has Been Analyzed in Federal and State Courts by David C. Kistler and Leigh Ann Buziak; Oral Argument Before the Third Circuit-The Privilege and Preparation by Edward T. Kole; Proportionality? Say What?: Understanding the 2015 Federal Rule Changes by Susan M. Leming and William F. Cook; So You Want to Remove a Case to  Federal Court by Keith Miller; Comparing Standards for Dismissal Under Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(b)(6) and N.J. Court Rule 4:6-2(e) by Mark S. Olinsky and William R. Tellado; Seeking Review of Magistrate Judge Decisions in Civil Cases by William T. Reilly, David R. Kott and Christopher A. Rojao; Dispositive Motions in the District of New Jersey: Avoiding Traps for the Unwary by Elizabeth J. Sher and Chirstina A. Parlapiano; The Final Pretrial Order-Case Law and Consequences by Benjamin E. Widener and Cory A. Rand


New Jersey Lawyer Magazine No. 294/June 2015

Magna Carta


Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Marking the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta by Miles S. Winder III; Message from the Special Editors by Steven M. Richman and Christine D. Petruzzell; Magna Carta – Its Essence and Effect on International Law by Steven M. Richman; Magna Carta as the Source for the  Bill of  Rights and Civil Liberties by Ronald K. Chen; Magna Carta: The Bill of Rights It Ain’t, But… by Geoffrey Richards; Magna Carta: A Personal Perspective by C. Judson Hamlin; Magna Carta and the Rule of Law by William C. Hubbard; Magna Carta: A Blueprint for Rule of Law in America by Paulette Brown; Commentary by Andrew Caplen; Magna Carta Remains a Symbol of Liberty and Justice 800 Years Later by Duncan McConnel; Magna Carta and the New Jersey Constitution: Reflections of an Attitude by Robert F. Williams; Roots of New Jersey Punitive Damages Law in Magna Carta by James J. Ferrelli and Trevor H. Taniguchi; Magna Carta-Still Paving the Long Road to Equality by Kirsten Scheurer Branigan and Claudia A. Reis ; Magna Carta in 2015: A View from London by Chantal-Aimee Doerries


New Jersey Lawyer Magazine No. 293/April 2015

Class Actions


Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Reflecting on a Successful Year: Efforts to Improve the Lives of Lawyer and the Public by Paris P. Eliades; Message from the Special Editors by James J. Ferrelli and Dawn M. Monsen; To Be, or Not to Be, in Federal Court: Jurisdictional Issues under the Class Action Fairness Act by Christopher J. Dalton; Trends in the Analysis of Choice of Law in National Class Actions in the State and Federal Courts of New Jersey by Peter S. Pearlman and Alex A. Pisarevsky; A Plaintiff’s Perspective of the New Ascertainability Requirement in Federal Class Actions by Stephen P. DeNittis and Joseph A. Osefchen; Ascertaining the Bounds of Ascertainability: A Defense Perspective by Jeffrey J. Greenbaum and Jason L. Jurkevich; The Class Action Pick-off Play: Can Defendants Moot a Putative Class Action Simply by Making an Offer of Judgment to the Named Plaintiff? by Jason Halper and Lawrence Bluestone; Third Circuit Holds the Availability of Class Arbitration is a Gateway Question for the Courts, Not Arbitrators by Michael R. McDonald and Jennifer Marino Thibodaux; Challenging Privilege Assertions: The Use and Abuse of Privilege in Class Action and Complex Litigation by Eric Marcy; Navigating the Choppy Waters of Class Communications by David Jay, Jason Kislin, Aaron Van Nostrand and Paige Nestel; U.S. Supreme Court Reaffirms the Fraud-on-the-Market Presumption of Reliance in Securities Class Actions by William A. Despo; Standing and the Emerging Law of Data Breach Class Actions by Angelo A. Stio III, Jan Levine and William Gibson; ‘Natural’ Challenges for Ascertaining the Loss in Food Label Class Actions under the NJCFA by Kristen E. Polovoy; You’ll Get Nothing and Like It!: CAFA’s Efforts to Provide Real and Substantial Relief to Class Members by Scrutinizing Coupon Settlements by James J. Ferrelli and Christopher L. Soriano; Skunk at the Garden Party: The Role of Objectors in Class Action Settlements by Christopher J. Michie; Generous to a Fault: The Third Circuit’s Ascertainable Scrutiny of Cy Pres Awards in Class Action Settlements by Nicole D. Bearce and Joseph A. Fischetti; Attorneys’ Fees in New Jersey Class Actions by Bruce D. Greenberg; The Catalyst Theory: Alive in State Court; Dead in Federal Court – or is it? by William J. Pinilis


New Jersey Lawyer Magazine No. 292/February 2015

Lawyers in Transition


Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Tackling Life’s Transitions – NJSBA Efforts Impact Attorneys and Those We Serve by Paris P. Eliades; Message from the Special Editors by Mitchell H. Cobert and Kimberly A. Yonta; Navigating the Long and Winding Road to Success: One Lawyer’s Journey from Feast to Famine and Back Again by Laurie A. Poulos; Alternative Work Arrangements: Setting an Example by Michelle Schaap; Law Firm Breakup: What You Need to Know When Dissolving the Entity by Michael F. Schaff and Peter A. Greenbaum; Taking the Leap from Public Service to Private Sector by Paul Josephson and Andrew Weiming Lee; Mentoring: A Lifelong Relationship of Give and Take by Mitchell H. Cobert; Reduced Hours Come of Age by Theresa Donahue Egler; Moving Your Practice from One State to Another by Timothy R. Anderson; So You Want to Have Your Name on the Door? Better Have a Game Plan by Craig M. Aronow; How to Change Practice Areas and Land the Job You Always Wanted by Jason B. Levoy; To Practice Law or Not – That is the Question by Reka Bala; The Business of Law: Starting Your Own Practice by Jonas K. Seigel; My New Career: Educating My Clients to Avoid Litigation by Elizabeth Watson Gramgna; Helpful Resources for Lawyers in Transition by Kimberly A. Yonta; Professional Balance: Not Just a Woman’s Issue by Asma Warsi; Preparing for Transition Through Volunteerism by Sandra Kroll; Ethical Considerations When Starting a Practice by David B. Rubin; Are You Retiring or Winding Down: Ethical Considerations by David H. Dugan III