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New Jersey Lawyer Magazine 2004

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New Jersey Lawyer Magazine is the Association's award-winning publication, delivered bimonthly to members.  Each issue focuses on a particular area of substantive law, showcasing informative articles by experts in the field.  While most of the authors and special editors are members of the Association, outside authors are occasionally tapped for contributions as well.  To advertise, contact Lynn Marie Ziobro at or Paula Portner at To submit an article for possible publication, contact Cheryl Baisden at

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New Jersey Lawyer Magazine December 2004/No. 231

Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law


Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Atticus Finch or My Cousin Vinny? by Edwin J. McCreedy; Message from the Special Editors by Renee A. Edwards and Sona I. Patel; An Indecent Proposal by Sona I. Patel; Celebrity Rights in New Jersey by Scott Jon Shagin; Understanding the Rights of Visual Artists by Steven C. Schechter; The Impact of the Digital Age on Copyright Law by Elissa A. Santo; Establishing the Rules of the Game: Developing Lease Agreements with Professional Sports Franchises by Christine H. Steinberg; Business Law Update: $50 Million in Unpaid Royalties Returned by Sona I. Patel; Case Note: Gershon v. Regency Diving Center, Inc. by Steven C. Schechter; Practice Tips: Marketing Efforts Sink or Swim Depending on How Well You Satisfy the Big C by Trey Ryder; Legal Practice: New Challenges Face FLP Discounts by Michael L. LaMotta; Legal Creativity: A Legal Maneuver by Jeff Butvinik


New Jersey Lawyer Magazine October 2004/No. 230

Real Estate Law


Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: NJSBA Focuses on Realty Transfer Fee Changes by Edwin J. McCreedy; Message from the Special Editor by Susan Kaplan; The Interplay Between the Telecommunications Act and State Zoning Law in Constructing Wireless Telecommunication Facilities by James M. Havey; New Jersey Courts Hold the Line Against Bad Faith Condemnation: Power to Take Cannot Be Used to Achieve Zoning by Drew K. Kapur and George J. Kroculick; The New Urban Renewal: What Makes This Deal Different from Other Deals? by Peter A. Buchsbaum; The Vital Role of Insurance in Redeveloping New Jersey by Stuart Lieberman and Shari Belcher; What You Should Know About Mold Litigation by Patrick J. Perrone; Statute of Frauds: Lessons Learned for Commercial Real Estate Brokers by Mark K. Mako; Land Use Pitfalls in Real Estate Transactions by Gary T. Hall; Court-Annexed Mediation Pilot Program Handles a Variety of Cases by Michelle V. Perone; Effective Use of Non-Binding Arbitration in Real Estate and Business Litigation by Russell M. Woods; Practice Tips: Telephone Calls From Prospects – How to Protect Yourself From the Two-Edged Sword by Trey Ryder;  Off the Beaten Path: New Jersey Auto Insurance Companies – Fraud Fighters or Windfall Profiteers? by Robert P. Borsody; Legal Creativity: Untold Stories of the Night by Rose Reyes McKiernan


New Jersey Lawyer Magazine August 2004/No. 229

Expert Witnesses


Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Practicing Law in the Age of Information by Edwin J. McCreedy; Message from the Special Editor by Lawrence R. Jones; Expert Witness Overview: A Common Sense Approach by Douglas Hanna and Paul R. Ferreira; Preparing a Plaintiff’s Expert Witness for Trial by Lee S. Goldsmith; Preparation and Presentation of the Defense Expert by R. Peter Connell and Laura L. Connell; The Forensic Accountant’s Role in Litigation by Seymour Jones; Expert Medical Testimony: A Physician’s Advice to Counsel by Richard Goodman; A Forensic Psychiatrist’ Viewpoint: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by Alberto M. Goldwaser; Using Psychological Experts in Child Custody and Removal Evaluations by Amy Altenhaus; Optimizing Your Use of Motor Vehicle Accident Experts by Irving Ojalva and Kristopher Seluga; Data Forensics: The Smoking Gun May be a Click Away by Paul G. Lewis;  The Employability Expert in Court Matters by Carole A. Miller; Mold Litigation: An Insider’s View of Assessment and  Remediation Challenges by Richard M. Lynch; Expert Witnesses in Special Education Cases by Lawrence R. Jones and Joni Jones; Legal Research: Finding and Researching Experts Via Free Internet Resources by Jim Robinson and Carole Levitt; Practice Tips: Delivering Your Marketing Message May Provide Harder Than You Think by Trey Ryder


New Jersey Lawyer Magazine June 2004/No. 228

Antitrust Law


Table of Contents: President’s Perspective by Edwin J. McCreedy; Message from the Special Editor by Steven Richman; Extra-Territorial Effect of Antitrust Law by Steven Richman; Successful Antitrust Actions Against Competitors by Joel Kreizman; Ground Rules and Hot Topics in Antitrust and Intellectual Property by Edward G. Biester III; Recent Developments in Criminal and Civil Price-Fixing Cases by Murray J. Laulicht; Price Discrimination and the Robinson-Patman Act by Jeffrey W. Lorell; Practice Tips: The Dirty Dozen – Tricks Negotiators Play by Scott Shagin; Law Office Management: Marketing Myths Most Lawyers Believe by Trey Ryder; Legal Practice: Preparing Perfect Expert Witness Reports by Leo J. Zatta; Legal Creativity: The Appeal by Lawrence Savell


New Jersey Lawyer Magazine April 2004/No. 227

Immigration Law


Table of Contents: President’s Perspective by Karol Corbin Walker; Message from the Special Editor by Susan Storch; Evolution of U.S. Immigration Law 1776-2004; Immigration Law: Review and Outlook for the Deployment of Workers in a Global Economy by Gwendolyn M. Robosson and Scott J. FitzGerald; The Violence Against Women Act: Remedies for Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence by Amy Gottlieb; Lifting a Lamp: Will New Jersey Create a Safe Harbor for Gay and Lesbian Immigration Rights? by Thomas Prol and Daniel Weiss; Strategies for Avoiding Adverse Immigration Consequences When Representing Foreign-Born Defendants by William E. McAlvanah; The Affidavit of Support and its Impact on Nuptial Agreements by Shereen C. Chen; Filing Immigration Applications and Petitions: Ethical Responsibilities and Criminal Penalties by Edwin R. Rubin; Cross-Cultural Client Contact: Achieving Effective Communication by Norma C. Connolly and Marilyn R. Tayler; Legal Practice: The Alternatives to Hourly Billing by Anthony E. Davis and Julianne Splain; Law Office  Management: How to Request Contact Information from Prospects Who Value Their Privacy by Trey Ryder; Off the Beaten Path: Taxing Issues Surrounding Settlement Proceedings by Leo J. Zattta; Professionalism in the Law: Professionalism and Independence


New Jersey Lawyer Magazine February 2004/No. 226

Federal Civil Practice


Table of Contents: President’s Perspective by Karol Corbin Walker; Message from the Special Editor by James J. Ferrelli; Why – or Why Not – Federal Court? (Be Careful What You Ask For) by James J. Ferrelli; Getting on Board with Electronic Case Filing: A New System for the U.S. District Court in New Jersey by Jim Murphy and Jack O’Brien; Removal and the Amount in Controversy by Steven M. Richman; Transfer Motions in Federal Court by Christopher Dalton; Basics of Injunctive Relief in the Federal Court by Edward T. Kole and Willard C. Shih; Motions and Applications Under the Local Civil Rules by J. Llewellyn Mathews; Will That be Paper or Digital? A Basic Understanding of Electronic Discovery by Dennis F. Gleason; Assessing Expert Methodology: Daubert in the Third Circuit and the District of New Jersey by Anne M. Patterson; Legal Practice: The Directors’ Dilemma: A Play in Five Scenes by Stuart L. Pachman; Off the Beaten Path: Lanham Act for Lenders: Increasing Collateral Value by Obtaining Related Intellectual Property Rights by Richard L. Ravin and Van V. Mejia; Legal Creativity: Dear Professor Rosenstein by Lawrence Savell