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Capitol Report

October 19, 2009

By Tamika Wilson

This special edition of the Capitol Report provides an official list of candidates for the November 2009 General Election. Attorneys are listed in bold and (*) denotes incumbents. It is compiled by the government affairs department of the New Jersey State Bar Association.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor


Jon S. Corzine* and Loretta Weinberg


Chris Christie (NJSBA member) and Kimberly M. Guadagno


Jason Cullen and Gloria Leustek

Christopher J. Daggett and Frank J. Esposito

Kenneth R. Kaplan and John Paff

Joshua Leinsdorf and Ubaldo Figliola

Alvin Lindsay Jr. and Eugene Harley

David R. Meiswinkle and Noelani Musicaro

Gregory Pason and Costantino Rozzo

Kostas Petris and Kevin Davies

Gary T. Steele and Theresa A. Nevins

Gary Stein and Cynthia Stein

General Assembly

1st District Atlantic (part) - Cape May - Cumberland (part)

Democrats - Nelson Albano* and Matthew Milam*

Republicans - Michael J. Donohue and John A. McCann

2nd District Atlantic (part)

Republicans - John F. Amodeo* and Vincent J. Polistina*

Democrats - Reginald Floyd and Jimmy Martinez

3rd District Cumberland (part) - Gloucester (part) - Salem

Democrats - John J. Burzichelli* and Celeste M. Riley*

Republicans - Robert Villare and Lee Lucas

4th District Camden (part) - Gloucester (part)

Democrats - Paul Moriarty* and William Collins

Republicans - Eugene E. T. Lawrence and Domenick DiCicco

5th District Camden (part) - Gloucester (part)

Democrats - Donald W. Norcross and Angel Fuentes

Republicans - Brian Kluchnick and Stepfanie Velez-Gentry

6th District Camden (part)

Democrats - Louis D. Greenwald* and Pamela R. Lampitt*

Republicans - Brian Greenberg and Scot DeCristofaro

7th District Burlington (part) - Camden (part)

Democrats - Herb Conaway* and Jack Conners *

Republicans - Leah J. Arter and Harry Adams

8th District Burlington (part)

Republicans - Dawn Marie Addiego* and Scott Rudder*

Democrats - Bill Brown and Debbie Sarcone

9th District Atlantic (part) - Burlington (part) - Ocean (part)

Republicans - Brian E. Rumpf* and DiAnne Gove

Democrats - Richard P. Visotcky and Robert E. Rue (NJSBA member)

10th District Monmouth (part) - Ocean (part)

Republicans - David W. Wolfe* and Jim Holzapfel* (NJSBA member)

Democrats - Charles P. Tivenan (NJSBA Member) and Eli L. Eytan (NJSBA member)

11th District Monmouth (part)

Republicans - David P. Rible* and Mary Pat Angelini*

Democrats - J. Randy Bishop and Richard J. Bolger

12th District Mercer (part) - Monmouth (part)

Republicans - Declan J. O'Scanlon, Jr.* and Caroline Casagrande*

Democrats - Michelle Roth and John Amberg

Green Party - Steven Welzer

13th District Middlesex (part) - Monmouth (part)

Republicans - Samuel D. Thompson* and Amy H. Handlin*

Democrats - Robert "Bob" Brown and James Grenafege

Fight Corruption - Sean Dunne

14th District Mercer (part) - Middlesex (part)

Democrats - Linda R. Greenstein* and Wayne P. DeAngelo*

Republicans - Rob Calabro and William T. Harvey Jr. (NJSBA member)

Modern Whig - Gene L. Baldassari

15th District Mercer (part)

Democrats - Reed Gusciora* and Bonnie Watson Coleman*

Republicans - Kim Taylor and Werner Graf

Libertarian - Daryl Mikell Brooks and Charles Green

16th District Morris (part) - Somerset (part)

Republicans - Peter J. Biondi* and Denise M. Coyle*

Democrats - Roberta Karpinecz and Mark Petraske

17th District Middlesex (part) - Somerset (part)

Democrats - Joseph V. Egan* and Upendra J. Chivukula*

Republicans - Salim A. Nathoo and Anthony Mazzola

18th District Middlesex (part)

Democrats - Patrick J. Diegnan Jr* (NJSBA member) and Peter J. Barnes* (NJSBA member)

Republicans - Joseph Sinagra and Robert Jones

Defending Forgotten Taxpayers - Katherine Shkolar and Andrew Tidd

19th District Middlesex (part)

Democrats - John S. Wisniewski* (NJSBA member) and Craig J. Coughlin

Republicans - Peter Kothari and Richard W. Piatkowski

Change and Commitment - Barry Adler and James C. Poesl

20th District Union (part)

Democrats - Joseph Cryan* and Annette Quijano*

21st District Essex (part) - Morris (part) - Somerset (part) - Union (part)

Republicans - Jon Bramnick* (NJSBA member) and Nancy F. Munoz*

Democrats - Bruce Bergen and Norman Albert

22nd District Middlesex (part) - Somerset (part) - Union (part)

Democrats - Gerald "Jerry" Green* and Linda Stender*

Republicans - Martin Marks and William "Bo" Vastine

23rd District Hunterdon (part) - Warren

Republicans - John DiMaio*and Erik Peterson

Democrats - William J. Courtney (NJSBA member) and Tammeisha Smith

24th District Hunterdon (part) - Morris (part) - Sussex

Republicans - Alison Littell McHose* and Gary R. Chiusano*

Democrats - Frederick J. Katz Jr.

25th District Morris (part)

Republicans - Michael Patrick Carroll* and Anthony Bucco (NJSBA member)

Democrats - Wendy Wright and Rebekah Conroy

26th District Morris (part) - Passaic (part)

Democrats - Wayne B. Marek and Douglas Herbert

Republicans - Alex DeCroce* and Jay Webber*

27th District Essex (part)

Democrats - John F. McKeon* (NJSBA member) and Mila M. Jasey*

Republicans - Mark Meyerowitz and Barry Funt

28th District Essex (part)

Democrats - Cleopatra G. Tucker* and Ralph R. Caputo*

Republicans - Herbert Glenn and Andrew Bloschak

29th District Essex (part) - Union (part)

Democrats - L. Grace Spencer* and Alberto Coutinho*

Republicans - Aracelis Sanabria-Tejada and Fernando E. Linhares

Hillside and Newark - Joanne Miller

30th District Burlington (part) - Mercer (part) - Monmouth (part) - Ocean (part)

Republicans - Joseph R. Malone III* and Ronald S. Dancer*

Democrats - John Kocubinski and William "Bill" Spedding

31st District Hudson (part)

Democrats - Anthony Chiappone* and Charles Mainor

Republicans - Irene Kim Asbury and Marie Day

Next Generations Leader - Omar Dyer

Our Future Now - Neil D. Scott