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Capitol Report

November 9, 2009

By Tamika Wilson

This special edition of the Capitol Report lists the unofficial results of the 2009 General Election. It is compiled by the government affairs department of the New Jersey State Bar Association. Attorneys are listed in bold, and * denotes incumbents.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

(R) Chris Christie (NJSBA member) and Kimberly M. Guadagno

General Assembly

District 1 (D) Nelson Albano* and Matthew Milam*

District 2 (R) John F. Amodeo* and Vincent J. Polistina*

District 3 (D) John J. Burzichelli* and Celeste M. Riley*

District 4 (D) Paul Moriarty,* (R) Domenick DiCicco

District 5 (D) Donald W. Norcross and Angel Fuentes

District 6 (D) Louis D. Greenwald* and Pamela R. Lampitt*

District 7 (D) Herb Conaway* and Jack Conners *

District 8 (R) Dawn Marie Addiego* and Scott Rudder*

District 9 (R) Brian E. Rumpf* and DiAnne Gove

District 10 (R) David W. Wolfe* and Jim Holzapfel* (NJSBA member)

District 11 (R) David P. Rible* and Mary Pat Angelini*

District 12 (R) Declan J. O'Scanlon Jr.* and Caroline Casagrande*

District 13 (R) Samuel D. Thompson* and Amy H. Handlin*

District 14 (D) Linda R. Greenstein* and Wayne P. DeAngelo*

District 15 (D) Reed Gusciora* and Bonnie Watson Coleman*

District 16 (R) Peter J. Biondi* and Denise M. Coyle*

District 17 (D) Joseph V. Egan* and Upendra J. Chivukula*

District 18 (D) Patrick J. Diegnan Jr.* (NJSBA member) and Peter J. Barnes* (NJSBA member)

District 19 (D) John S. Wisniewski* (NJSBA member) and Craig J. Coughlin

District 20 (D) Joseph Cryan* and Annette Quijano*

District 21 (R) Jon Bramnick* (NJSBA member) and Nancy F. Munoz*

District 22 (D) Gerald "Jerry" Green* and Linda Stender*

District 23 (R) John DiMaio* and Erik Peterson

District 24 (R) Alison Littell McHose* and Gary R. Chiusano*

District 25 (R) Michael Patrick Carroll* and Anthony Bucco (NJSBA member)

District 26 (R) Alex DeCroce* and Jay Webber*

District 27 (D) John F. McKeon* (NJSBA member) and Mila M. Jasey*

District 28 (D) Cleopatra G. Tucker* and Ralph R. Caputo*

District 29 (D) L. Grace Spencer* and Alberto Coutinho*

District 30 (R) Joseph R. Malone III* and Ronald S. Dancer*

District 31 (D) Anthony Chiappone* and Charles Mainor

District 32 (D) Joan Quigley* and Vincent Prieto*

District 33 (D) Ruben J. Ramos Jr.* and Caridad Rodriguez*

District 34 (D) Thomas P. Giblin* and Sheila Y. Oliver*

District 35 (D) Nellie Pou* and Elease Evans*

District 36 (D) Frederick Scalera* and Gary S. Schaer*

District 37 (D) Gordon M. Johnson* and Valerie Vainieri Huttle*

District 38 (D) Concetta Wagner* and Joan M. Voss*

District 39 (R) Charlotte Vandervalk* and Robert Schroeder

District 40 (R) David C. Russo* (NJSBA member) and Scott T. Rumana*

Senate Candidates (Special Election)

District 6 (D) James Beach*

District 23 (R) Michael J. Doherty

New Jerseyans voted 'YES' for the Public Question on Green Acres Funding.

All voters can call 1-877-NJVOTER (1-877-658-6837) to find out whether their vote by mail or provisional ballot was counted, and if not, the reason why it was rejected.