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Legislative Position Form

Legislative Position Forms (LPFs) are critical to NJSBA’s Legislative Department because these forms initiate the legislative process.

Completing Legislative Position Forms

Sections and committees are encouraged to provide thoroughly completed LPFs, especially on moderate and high priority bills, because the information provided on these forms are reviewed by the Legislative Committee, Board of Trustees and/or Executive Committee. They are also used to create letters to bill sponsors, position statements, among other things.

Incomplete LPFs may cause delays in the legislative process and, in worse case scenarios, key legislation may be overlooked if a section or committee fails to clearly express the impact that a specific bill or rule proposal may have on their area of practice.

Completing the forms properly is now easier than ever because the PDF version of the form can be filled in using the free Adobe Reader®. Complete the form using the TAB key to jump to each section of the document. This way all relevant fields will be completed including the following:
•    Bill Number (or Rule Proposal)
•    Date of Meeting
•    Number of Attendees  and Vote Count (if applicable)
•    Section/Committee name (chosen from a drop down menu)
•    Position (support, oppose, no position, etc)
•    Priority level (low, medium, high)
•    Contact person (for moderate or high priority legislation only)
•    Detail of why section/committee supports or opposes the bill

Click here to download the PDF version of the LPF form