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Legislative Service Awards Past Recipients 2002-Present


Family Law Section Chair Brian M. Schwartz, Chair-Elect Jeralyn L. Lawrence, Executive Committee Members Amanda S. Trigg, Stephanie F. Hagan, Andrea Beth White, Patrick Judge Jr., Trustee Timothy F. McGoughran and President-Elect Paris Eliades were recognized for their efforts to advance smart legislation on numerous issues, most importantly domestic violence and alimony reform. Together, they spent countless hours monitoring developments, meeting with legislators, drafting bills, authoring position statements and much more. On September 10, 2014, their continuous efforts and hard work paid off, and the Governor signed Pamphlet Law 2014, c. 42, concerning alimony reform.


Ira B. Marcus, Gianfranco Pietrefesa and Denise Walsh who all participated in revisions to the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act to prepare it for introduction to be consistent with New Jersey law, testimony before the Governor’s Red Tape Review Commission to the extent that the bill was made a part of the final report and Commission member Assemblyman Anthony Burzichelli agreed to sponsor the bill at that point.  They also met with Senator Paul Sarlo to secure his sponsorship, several reviews of the draft by the Office of Legislative Services before introduction, meetings and conference calls with other interested parties to refine the legislation, lobbying the NJ Business and Industry Association, NJ State Chamber of Commerce and the NJ Commerce and Industry Association to support the bill, testimony twice before the Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee, testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee and meetings with Governor’s Assistant Counsel.  This team also spent countless hours speaking to anyone who would listen to advance this important legislation.  On September 19, 2012, their hard work paid off and the Governor signed Pamphlet Law 2012, c.50 into law.   

Sharon Rivenson Mark, Meredith Grocott and Shirley Whitenack worked with former NJSBA member/Elder Law Section chair and NJ AAPR Chief Legislative Advocate Marilyn Askin to advance this legislation which establishes the "New Jersey Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act". Their efforts included shepherding the bill through the NJSBA, reviewing legislative drafts, meeting with legislators and providing testimony on the benefits of the legislation before the Assembly Judiciary Committee and the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee. On August 7, 2012, the Governor signed Pamphlet Law 2012, c. 36 into law. 


Jeffrey M. Gradone for his efforts to develop a position and meeting with legislators on S-2234/A-3227 (Kyrillos/Diegnan) which  establishes real property assessment demonstration program in Monmouth County and A-4084 (Coutinho) which permits municipality to pay commercial and industrial property tax refunds for tax years 2010 through 2011 over subsequent three local budget years.

Richard H. Greenberg for his efforts to draft S-2979/A-3723 (Scutari/Casagrande) which clarifies trustee's discretionary authority concerning income tax liability, meeting with potential bill sponsors, and testifying before the Legislature on this important issue.

Paul P. Josephson for his efforts to convey the NJSBA’s position on legislative and regulatory matters including final decision legislation, Election Law Enforcement Commission regulations inappropriately characterizing lawyers as lobbyists, and presenting testimony before the NJ Red Tape Review Commission on several occasions to convey our position on land use and permit review matters.


Stuart L. Pachman where he drafted the legislation, met with legislators, and provided testimony in Trenton before the Senate and Assembly Commerce Committees promoting S-914 (Gill)/A-2809 (Greenstein) which allows the use of alternate business names by professional service corporations like law firms. The legislation was signed into law on March 1, 2011 as P.L.2011, c.27.

Patricia Apy, Michael Pasquale and Tim McGoughran on Senate Bill 1963 (Beach)/Assembly Bill 3096 (Conners) which revises the New Jersey laws with regard to child custody involving persons in the military where they drafted the legislation and amendments, met with bill sponsors, provided testimony, met with the judiciary and working to advance it. The bill has been introduced in both houses, and released from the Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs Committee and is awaiting Assembly vote. The legislation will make certain that soldiers in New Jersey do not have to sacrifice custody of their children as a result of serving their country overseas, in some instances multiple times. The legislation was endorsed by the Family Law Section and the Military and Veterans Affairs Section.


Gerald H. Baker for organizing and moderating the NJSBA Advocacy Town Hall Meeting; testimonies on multiple high priority bills including S-117/A-217 regarding limitation lawsuits, S-132 (Scutari) regarding unfair claims settlement practices; and extensive work on wrongful death legislation by attending various meetings as the NJSBA representative on the Grieving Families Coalition.

William P. Isele for working to obtain a compromise on S-550 (Sweeney) concerning fiduciaries and testimony and assistance on other legislation including: A-1239 (Wolfe) regarding assisted living resident's security deposits, A-2844 (Love) regarding the "Silver Alert System”, A-853 (Albano) on suspected abuse against vulnerable adults and S-2516 (Sweeney) to establish a registry of offenders of individuals with developmental disabilities in the Department of Human Services.


Christopher Carey and Robert B. Hille for their work in testifying and attending numerous meetings, as well as providing analysis on S-1815/A-2858 (Lesniak/Cryan), which requires legal action against certain licensed persons to be brought within two years.

Arthur Kravitz, Marcia Freedman (Workers’ Compensation Section Chair and Immediate Past Chair) and Mark Zirulnik, for their efforts to advance the State Bar Association’s interest on a six-bill package to reform New Jersey’s workers’ compensation laws.

Lynn Fontaine Newsome, Immediate Past President; Marie Rose Bloomer and Bonnie Frost, former Co-chairs of the NJSBA Legislative Committee for their efforts in launching the first annual NJSBA Day in Trenton.

Angela Foster, Jonathan P. Cowles (Executive Director) and Mary P. Nelson (President) of the Middlesex County Bar Association for their efforts in hosting a very successful legislative breakfast this year.  The event was organized at our suggestion, and was very well attended with over 70 guests and approximately 10 legislators.  It has encouraged other county bars to do the same, including Atlantic and Essex.


Carol Forte, for her service on the Medical Care Availability Task Force (MCATF).

Richard Lehrich, for his service as a member of the New Jersey Commission to Review Criminal Sentencing.

Miles Winder, for his service of the New Jersey Death Penalty Study Commission.

Stephen J. Hyland, for his service on the New Jersey Civil Union Commission.

Charles Heuisler, for serving as the first chair of the NJSBA Legislative Committee from 1991 to 1993 and continued to service on the committee, until retiring in 2007.

John Spinello, for his efforts in preparing the NJSBA response to ELEC regulations that would have expanded the scope of lobbying regulations to include attorneys.


Thomas J. Snyder, for his work to defeat legislation that would unseal New Jersey adoption records.

Brian M. Schwartz, Hon. Robert A. Fall, Ivette Ramos Alvarez, and Jeralyn L. Lawrence, for their work in securing passage of P.L.2007, c.6, (Scutari) which adds new causes of action for divorce based on irreconcilable differences (S-1467).

Edward C. Eastman, Jr. and Lawrence J. Fineberg, for their work in advancing an NJSBA drafted bill on adverse possession.

Anju Jessani, a non-attorney and non-NJSBA member received special recognition for her work as president of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators for her work in securing passage of P.L.2007, c.6, (Scutari) which adds new causes of action for divorce based on irreconcilable differences (S-1467).


Sharon Rivenson Mark, for her efforts to secure passage of S-224/A-1922(Singer/Weinberg/Greenstein/Gusciora/Malone), which expands the use of limited guardianships, and defines the duties and responsibilities of the guardian.

Richard K. Jeydel and Paul Drobbins, for their work on A-3544 (Deignan/Barnes/Greenstein/Gusciora), to create a Commercial and Technology Part of the NJ Superior Court.

Paul P. Josephson and James Laskey, for their work regarding the Election Law Enforcement Commission’s new lobbying rules.

Steve J. Tripp, for his work on S-2118 (Rice), which modifies the “time of decision rule” and periods of protection for certain development applications. 

Amanda Trigg, for her work on S-1093 (Vitale/Allen/Buono), which permits adopted person and certain others access to adopted person’s original birth certificate and other related information.

Don McHugh and Robert Brogan, for their work on Medicaid Reform.


Karol Corbin Walker and Lynn Fontaine Newsome, for their legislative advocacy in building relations with members of Congress through the NJSBA’s participation in ABA Lobby Day in Washington, DC.     


Richard Badolato, for his work on medical malpractice legislation.

Shirley B. Whitenack, Marion K. Littman and Robert Brogan, for their work on A-1922 (Weinberg/Greenstein), which amends New Jerseys outdated guardianship laws.

Peggy Sheehan Knee, Glen A. Henkel and Andrew DeMaio, for their work on the Uniform Probate Code, S-708 (Adler/Bryant/Greenstein/Diegnan).

Stephen M. Latimer, for his work on legislation that would prohibit imposition of the death penalty on persons with mental retardation, A-1797 (Roberts/Greenstein).

Geoffrey Connors and Robert Jaworski, for their work on State regulations governing parity between state and federal banks.


Ronald Sturtz and Rick Steen, for their work on S-514 (Martin) The Uniform Arbitration Act, which was the first substantive revision of statutory arbitration law in 80 years.

Peter Tu and Deirdre Webster Cobb, for their work on the Ad Hoc Committee on Racial Profiling, in reviewing legislation and organizing a successful program on this topic at the 2002 Annual Meeting.

Dan Waldman, for his work on wrongful death issues