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NJSBA Drafted Legislation - Introduced

1.    S-366 (Beach)/S-1051 (Connors)/A-2164 (Conaway) Prohibits permanent change of child custody during period of active military service; provides that absence due to active military duty, by itself, is insufficient justification to modify a child custody or visitation order.

Originating Section/Committee:  Military Law and Veterans’ Affairs Section/Family Law Section

Status: P.L. 2013, c. 7.

NJSBA Position Statement

2.    S-723 (Sarlo)/A-1694 (Russo) Creates a Business Court.

Originating Section/Committee:  Business Law Section

Status: Senate & Assembly Judiciary Committees or awaiting Judiciary action.

NJSBA Position Statement

3.   S-742 (Sarlo)/A-1543 (Burzichelli) Revised Uniform Limited Liability Act (RULLCA) urges New Jersey to adopt RULLCA.

Originating Section/Committee: Business Law Section

Status: P.L. 2012, c. 50.

NJSBA Position Statement

4.   Proposed modification ot New Jersey S pendthrift Trust Provision S-765 (Scutari)/A-1086 (Quijano) Clarifies trsutee's discretionary authority concerning income tax liability

Originating Section/Committee: Real Property Trust and Estate law Section

Status: P.L. 2013, c. 55.

NJSBA Position Statement

5.   A-3476 (Barnes) Provides for access to adoptee's original birth certificate under certain circumstances.

Originating Section/Committee: Family Law Section

Status: On December 3, the bill was introduced and referred to the Assembly Judiciary Committee for Consideration.

NJSBA Position Statement

6.   A-1551 Adverse Possession Statute Revisions: (Wisniewski) which revises New Jersey's adverse possession law.

Originating Section/Committee: Real Property Trust and Estate Law Section

Status: NJSBA amendments added on the Asembly floor. Passed General Assembly. Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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7.   A-1848 (Diegnan) Imposes limits on fees charged for discovery in municipal court matters.

Originating Section/Committee: Municipal Court Practice Section

Status: Passed Assembly. Senate Judiciary Committee

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8.  S-2215/A-2553 Prefessional Malpractice Insurance Reform (Sweeney/Prieto) which requires legal action against certain licensed persons to be brought within two years.

Originating Section/Committee: Board of Trustees/Legislative Committee

Status: Senate Judiciary Committee/Assembly Budget Committee

NJSBA Position Statement

9.   S-1755 (Madden/Addiego)/A-2628 (Rudder/Singleton) Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act

Originating Section/Committee: Elder & Disability Law Section

Status: P.L. 2012, c. 36.

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