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NJSBA Procedure for Responding to the Unjust Criticism of Judges

The independence of the judiciary is the cornerstone of our legal system. That system, however, may be shaken by unfair attacks on judges, or the judiciary in general, which seek to influence judges' decisions and undermine public confidence in the administration of justice.

NJSBA Protocol for Responding to Unjust Criticism of Judges

NJSBA Annual Meeting Bench Bar Conference

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1999 Symposium on Legal Technology

Arthur T. Vanderbilt Judicial Excellence Award

Arthur T. Vanderbilt Judicial Excellence Award Nomination Form

Judicial Administration Forum

2008 Judicial Administration Forum
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1999 Judicial Administration Forum

NJSBA History Regarding the Practice of Invoking Senatorial Courtesy

New Jersey State Bar Association’s historical background regarding the practice of “senatorial courtesy” whereby a sitting NJ State Senator from the county of a nominee’s residence may prevent a gubernatorial nominee from advancing to consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee and/or confirmation by the full Senate.

NJSBA History on Senatorial Courtesy