New Jersey State Bar Association - The voluntary Bar Association of New Jersey, serving members since 1899.

Bylaws Explained

The Legal Affairs Department works with the NJSBA Bylaws Committee to address issues affecting the bylaws of the NJSBA or any Section or Division. New bylaws and proposed changes of existing bylaws are reviewed by the Bylaws Committee together with the NJSBA Legal Affairs Department. An effort is made to assure that all bylaws are expressed in clear and unambiguous language and are consistent with NJSBA policies. The Bylaws Committee is sometimes called upon to offer interpretations of existing bylaws, when necessary, and also conducts periodic reviews of bylaws to address practical issues as they arise. All bylaw recommendations are ultimately reviewed by the Board of Trustees.  Changes in NJSBA bylaws require approval by two-thirds of NJSBA members as well.

NJSBA members who have questions, comments or seek information about bylaws may contact us by email here.