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New Jersey Courts Emergency Notification Services

It is critical that attorneys, litigants, jurors and anyone needing to be in court be able to get the information they need regarding court closings.

The Judiciary provides several online and social media outlets where attorneys and the public can get timely and accurate information regarding the courts.


Receive SMS notifications about unscheduled court closings or delayed openings

Text and/or email messages are sent directly to the cell phone specified by the user.   

 Users may also opt to receive other judiciary notifications relating to press releases, notices to the bar, newsletters, and Supreme Court opinions. Registration is free, but there may be a "per message" charge depending on the individual user's cell phone plan.  


The judiciary maintains a public Twitter page where court closing information is posted/tweeted.

Anyone can view this page -- there is no requirement that a user have a Twitter account or be registered with Twitter. Information is updated as soon as it becomes available, so users may wish to check often in the event of a weather or other emergency.



Visit the judiciary website for court closing information

This page is also updated as soon as information becomes available, and users should likewise check the page often during a weather or other emergency.


Please note that municipal court closing information is distributed by the individual municipal courts. A listing of municipal courts, including phone numbers, can be found at