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We're here to help

The New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program  serves all attorneys, judges and law students in the State of New Jersey.
NJLAP is funded by all members of the bar with invaluable administrative support from the New Jersey State Bar Association. NJLAP services include free and confidential help for a broad range of problems and personal issues. 

The program does not offer legal services or lawyer referrals. 

Our services include help for a broad range of problems and personal issues such as:  

•    Depression
•    Stress and Burnout
•    Alcohol and Drug Abuse
•    Marital and Family Relationships
•    Gambling
•    Career Concerns
•    Eating Disorders
•    Balancing Work and Family

Maintaining the Utmost Confidentiality

Because of the sensitive nature of personal problems, attorneys in need are often reluctant to seek help. To foster early and confidential self-help and to encourage program participation, the New Jersey Supreme Court, in approval of the program, assured utmost confidentiality by adoption of Rule 1:28B-3.

NJLAP includes a network of attorney peer counselors with special knowledge about helping resources for their colleagues. Our distinctive Women's Program is a leading resource and a national model. Women attorneys in recovery meet monthly for education, sharing, networking and peer support. Such "lawyer-helping-lawyer" activity is in keeping with the highest traditions of the Bar.

Help Starts With One Phone Call

The New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program has a proven record of helping New Jersey lawyers, confidentially and free of charge, the goes back almost 25 years. We are in a firsthand position to confirm what research studies show: addiction is highly treatable. Similarly, depression, anxiety, marital and family problems, career issues and other personal difficulties can be successfully managed and overcome. We can help, but only if you contact us.

If you know a lawyer in trouble, call for a confidential consultation

NJLAP is always confidential, so you need never be concerned that by calling us your call has the potential to do harm. In fact, your call may be career or life saving. Whether the lawyer you are concerned about accepts the help or not, you are assured that NJLAP will help you better understand the problem. We will provide an assessment of the situation and assist you, your colleague, friend or loved one in getting whatever help may be needed.

We can be reached at the 24 hour help line at 800-24-NJLAP or 800-246-5527. You can find our website at

Whatever the problem, you do not have to manage alone

Don't delay in calling while you are trying to decide whether things are bad enough. There is no need to risk your license, livelihood, reputation or family. You do not have to do it alone. If you, a friend or a colleague is in trouble, seeking help will make a difference. Once you have made the call, you have taken the first step. The next step we will take with you.

The New Jersey Supreme Court, in its approval of the New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program, assured utmost confidentiality by adoption of Rule: 1:28B-3 as follows:

1:28B-3. Confidentiality. The records, documents, and meetings of LAP and the Board of Trustees are confidential, with the following exceptions:


(a) Annual audit reports;

(b) Annual reports of the Board of Trustees to the Supreme Court;

(c) Quarterly reports to the Board of Trustees from the LAP Director; and

(d) All materials relating to the budget process that do not identify clients of the program or otherwise disclose information that would compromise the confidentiality of the program as detailed in regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees and approved by the Supreme Court.

In no event, however, shall the identity of program clients be disclosed in the above reports.

Note: Adopted July 15, 1999, to be effective September 1, 1999.